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We have all been appalled to see what is happening to the people of Australia, Canada, and Austria, where their governments are opening internment camps (called “quarantine camps”) for unvaccinated citizens who refuse vaccination for Covid.

Our state of Washington is now proposing similar rules for unvaccinated citizens.  They are also proposing to add the (unapproved) Covid vaccines to the mandatory school vaccination regimen for all school children in the state.  A coworker sent me an email this afternoon, containing the following.

• Allowing local health officers to use law enforcement (WAC 246-100-070) to force an emergency order to involuntarily detain a person or group of persons (families) to be isolated in a quarantine facility (WAC 246-100-045) following refusal to voluntary comply with requests for medical examination, testing, treatment, counseling, vaccination (WAC 246-100-040). These specifics come from WAC 246-100.

• Including the Covid-19 injections as part of school immunization requirements using WAC 246-105.

I find this alarming, to say the least. Our Health Nazis now propose to act like real Nazis, forcing citizens to submit to an invasive medical procedure with an unapproved agent, experimenting on the formerly free citizens of the state.

Seattle and King County have vaccine mandates for all restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, and gyms. The State has had a full statewide mask mandate in force since last July, supposedly to “slow the spread” of the Covid virus; and vaccine mandates for all government workers, including first responders and all healthcare personnel. However:

Washington State reaches 10,000 Covid-19 deaths, sets another record in cases.

Washington state hospitals near “crisis” as Covid cases surge.

Kittitas County reports record number of Covid cases in half-day.

Washington to expand access to coronavirus tests to help contain spread of Covid-19.

Mass Seattle Schools Covid tests show 4% positivity rate.

It looks to me like none of their measures are working at all to slow the spread of Covid.  So now, they wish to double-down on the measures that are not working and open internment camps for those who resist forcible vaccination. They wish to use the remaining law-enforcement personnel (many have resigned rather than be vaccinated) to detain those unruly citizens.

Personally, I am not interested in living in a police state. I wonder how many of the other residents of Western Washington do want to live in a police state. My guess is, quite a few.

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